Wilson 4 Ring Snaffle

Wilson 4 Ring Snaffle

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Wilson Snaffle

Many horses are driven in a simple snaffle. But, there are some drivers who feel that their horse needs more bit in their mouth than a simple snaffle. The four rings of the Wilson snaffle bit can add a bit of extra pressure when used a certain way.

It provides more control than a plain snaffle, as the rings encourage the horse to move laterally, which is needed for turning the vehicle. This also may help riders that need a horse to be responsive to quick turns, such as when show jumping or doing speed games.

Product Details:

  • This bit is most commonly seen on driving horses, although it can be used for riding.
  • Riders/Drivers use the bit, as they feel it gives them more control with a horse that pulls.
  • Has two sets of rings
  • Works on the bars of the mouth
  • Slightly more severe than a loose ring snaffle when the are reins attached to both rings.
  • Severity is increased greatly if the reins are only attached to the outside rings.
  • The headstall of the bridle can be attached to the two loose rings.
  • When the reins are pulled, the two inside rings squeeze the sides of the horse's cheeks rather than just on the horse’s lips or jaws.
  • There is a nutcracker effect inside of the horse’s mouth.