Magic Tails Liquid MakeUp with Sunscreen

Magic Tails Liquid MakeUp with Sunscreen

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Magictails Colour & Shade is a liquid make-up with sunscreen for horses and dogs. Magictails Colour & Shade has a cream based formulation, is easy to apply and moisturises the skin and hair.

Magictails Colour & Shade conceals blemishes and protects from the sun rays whilst highlighting facial features such as the muzzle, ears and eyes, or shading the legs and body.

Magictails Colour & Shade will not transfer onto clothing. It doesn't rub off.

Benefits: * Protects * Colours * Long lasting * Contains sunscreen * Cover ups / liquid concealer * Non oily / non greasy feeling * Washes off with soap and water. * Easy application * Concentrated formula – only a small amount is necessary to achieve the desired result. * Cosmetic grade ingredients

Directions for Use: Using a make-up sponge, brush, or finger, apply a small amount to the desired area, and work into the area. For best results, always start with a small amount. Not easily removed with water. Wash off with soap and water.