CopRice Veteran 20kg *pickup instore only*

CopRice Veteran 20kg *pickup instore only*

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  • Extruded For Superior Digestion
  • Rich In Stabilised Rice Bran & Oil
  • Reduces To Soft Mash With Water
  • Antioxidants To Aid Immunity

A high protein and high fat feed for sustaining muscle mass, topline and healthy weight of aged, retired and working horses over 15 years old. Tailored nutrients and amino and fatty acids, help maintain strong bones, teeth, joints and hooves. Organic selenium in combination with antioxidants including natural vitamin E and vitamin C, assist in improving immunity and wellbeing.





Crude Protein Min. 16%

Energy (DE) Min. 13.7MJ

Crude Fat Min. 12%

Crude Fibre Max. 10%

Salt Max. 1.5%

Carbohydrate 20%

Calcium 1.4%

Phosphorus 1.1%

Magnesium 0.6%

Vitamin C 100mg



Salt 11g

Calcium 14g

Magnesium 6g

Phosphorus 11g

Potassium 12g



Cobalt 0.8mg

Copper 60mg

Iodine 2.3mg

Iron 150mg

Manganese 200mg

Selenium 1mg

Zinc 200mg



Vitamin A 10,000 IU

Vitamin D3 2,000 IU

Vitamin E 250mg

Vitamin K 2mg

Vitamin B1 20mg

Vitamin B2 12mg

Vitamin B3 250mg

Vitamin B5 15mg

Vitamin B6 7mg

Vitamin B12 50μg

Folic Acid 5mg

Choline 1,300mg

Biotin 1,500μg

Vitamin C 100mg



Oleic (Omega 9)

Linoleic (Omega 6)

Alpha Linolenic (Omega 3)



Lysine 8g

Methionine 3g



NOTE: If using supplementary selenium do not use at the same time as any other selenised fertiliser, prill or product, and do not exceed the stated dose and frequency without consulting a veterinarian.


Ingredients Selected From 

Stabilised rice bran, wholegrain rice, soybean meal, linseed, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, molasses, salt, canola oil, vitamin and mineral premix (including organic selenium), added vitamin C, yeast culture.

May contain traces of oats, maize and wheat, for this feed is made in the same mill as feeds containing these ingredients.


Daily Feeding Guide



Weight (kg) Maintenance Light Exercise Moderate Exercise
300 0.1-0.25kg  0.25-0.5kg   1.0-1.5kg
400 0.25-0.5kg  0.5-1.0kg  1.5-2.0kg
500 0.5-1.0kg  1.0-1.5kg  2.0-2.5kg
600 1.0-1.5kg  1.5-2.0kg  2.5-3.0kg 


  • Feed a minimum of 1% of your horse’s body weight daily with high quality roughage such as hay, pasture and/or cha.
  • Total daily feed intake should be 2-3% of body weight, depending on age, workload and climate.
  • If feeding over 0.5% body weight per day of extruded feed, divide into two smaller feeds.
  • Ensure horses always have access to clean, cool and fresh water.

Suggested feeding rates to be used as a guide only. The amount of feed required will depend on the quality of the pasture/forage, exercise intensity, dentition, metabolism and condition of the horse.